A new day for business.

Eve fills the gap between a customer’s need and the service provider’s cost. So you can give your customers the credit they deserve. Fairer. And faster. With approval times as quick as 10 minutes - there’s almost no delay from a customer’s credit approval and the payment into your business account.

Do more business, close more deals, help more people.

Use our Eve Business Portal to quickly and easily send your customers a payment request. Your customer can either apply for the eve card right from the payment request, or immediately use their existing eve card to pay right then.

Increase Revenue

Remove the surprise factor of cost by giving them an intuitive financing experience.

Retain New Customers

Card members are motivated to continue spending with Eve Business Partners.

Customer solutions

Eve shows your customers you care about their needs.

Increase revenue by giving options.


Send a new payment request from the Eve Business Portal.


Your customer receives a text to pay and applies for the Eve Card directly from the payment request.


Customer is approved and pays their invoice or bill.


You gain rewards and points as an Eve Business Partner.

Text-to-Finance with a payment request

Customer sees a payment request and can chose to either “apply” for the eve card if they don’t have it yet, or if they are already an eve card member they can simply pay with their eve card.

You get paid same day via Eve.

Get Started

We help you help them.

Our technology spans across multiple industries. Talk to our reps to get set up as quickly possible.

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The Eve Credit Card is issued by First Pryority Bank, Member FDIC pursuant to a license from Mastercard. Review Cardmember
for important information about the Eve Credit Card, including the terms of our 4 months of 0% APR forever offer.

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